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Dictionary of Romanian Quotations: Letter “K”

November 9th, 2016 · Comments Off on Dictionary of Romanian Quotations: Letter “K” · Books, Diaspora, Famous People, History, International Media, PEOPLE, quotations, Translations

“Have Mercy, o God, on our King,

Lend your ear and hear

The prayer of our whole Land…

Give Him many days,

Anoint His brow with Thy Grace,

Have Mercy, o God, on our King!”

(Nichifor Crainic, (1889-1972). Poet)

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“Carmen Sylva – reine Elisabeth de Roumanie” (Gabriel Badea-Paun) aux Editions “Via Romana”, 2011

May 27th, 2011 · Comments Off on “Carmen Sylva – reine Elisabeth de Roumanie” (Gabriel Badea-Paun) aux Editions “Via Romana”, 2011 · Art Exhibitions, Diary, Diaspora, PEOPLE, Reviews

Paris: GABRIEL BADEA-PAÜN signe sa biographie “Carmen Sylva Reine Elisabeth de Roumanie” Editions Via Romana
Né en 1973 à Sinaïa, Roumanie, auteur de plusieurs ouvrages de prestige sur l’histoire de l’art, Monsieur Badea-Paun est agrégé de L’université Paris IV Sorbonne, DEA en histoire de l’art, avec un mémoire sur Les portraits de la Famille de Hohenzollern par Philip de Laszlo. Sa thèse à Paris IV Sorbonne sous la direction du Professeur Bruno Foucart a eu pour sujet Antonio de La Gandara, le catalogue raisonné de l’œuvre peint et dessiné.

Monsieur Gabriel Badea-Paun est éagalement l’auteur de plusieures monographies ainsi que d’articles de l’histoire de l’art dans des revues de specialité en France et en Roumanie. Son dernier ouvrage sur la Reine Elisabeth de Roumanie, vient de parraitre en France aux editions Via Romana.

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An Alternative Anthology of Romanian Women

April 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Books, PEOPLE, quotations, Reviews, Translations

‘Blouse Roumaine – the Unsung Voices of Romanian Women’
An E-Book Anthology by Constantin ROMAN

A Spanish grandee and Ambassador to the Court of St James’s once compared the success of an Anthology to that of a culinary chef d’oeuvre: for Santiago de Mora Figueroa y Williams, Marques of Tamarón, a great Anglophile but also a refined European:

The perfect anthology, like the perfect hors d’oeuvre, should turn us into gluttons. The many small dishes add up to a balanced and nourishing meal, but they are so exquisite that they whet one’s appetite for more. And the anthology should also include unexpected delicacies, things that even the literary gourmet had not heard about.

blouse-roumaine-cover2On a deeper reflection, Tamarón’s metaphor encapsulates perfectly well the ethos of the ‘Blouse Roumaine’. Yet, as an Anthology of Romanian women, this corpus was initially conceived to connect with a French painting of Henri Matisse – the eponymous canvas, ‘La Blouse Roumaine’ (1940), which hangs today in the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris: for every and each biography contained in this Women’s Anthology is like a minutely embroidered stitch on an ethnic tapestry, such as we have admired, not so long ago in the Retrospective exhibition of Matisse’s collection of textiles, presented at the Royal Academy in London and later also shown in New York. For those of us who missed this exhibition the analogy to the current book is like a roll call of women presented in a sequence of biographical cameos. These sketches are displayed like a series of miniatures in a virtual National Portrait Gallery: they are all glittering stars from Western galaxies and Eastern nebulae, in all 160 of them…

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