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Entries from December 22nd, 2010

1980 – Thirty Years ago – Romania’s Communist Christmas

December 22nd, 2010 · 1 Comment · OPINION, PEOPLE, Poetry, quotations

“I got up early, at the crack of dawn, to secure a place, by 6 AM, in an interminable queue, in the hope of buying milk and eggs for our silver wedding anniversary, but I came home empty handed. That afternoon I went again on an errand to see if I could buy anything for our dinner at our local market place. This was an open air market where peasants with a tiny plot of land could bring their vegetables. These were a luxury as they were so expensive, so I thought I had a better chance of finding something. The stalls made of wooden planks on struts were absolutely empty and in the fine rain they looked desolate and dirty. I scanned the stalls, as the last peasants were about to leave, for their villages, outside Bucharest. It was winter time and dark was falling early in the day. As I was about to give up, looking down, carefully to avoid the pot holes full of rain water, I just noticed a few potatoes which fell on the ground, under the stall, so I asked the peasant if I could pick them up. As I knelt on the ground, with difficulty, at my old age, because of my arthritis, I put them in my plastic bag and asked how much he wanted. He did not want to receive any money, in deference to my advanced age. I must have looked pityfull and exhausted. I hurried home with just an empty bag with three potatoes covered in mud. As I entered our block of flats I met this young neighbor of mine, who exclaimed in surprise: madame, she said, ‘where have you found these potatoes, because I looked the whole day and found none… and I have a young baby at home who has nothing to eat. I am desperate.’ So, I handed over to her the three potatoes, which were visible through the plastic bag and came home with nothing: but was glad to have done a good deed.” (Jenny Velescu, personal communication, 1981)
(Extract from the Anthology: “Blouse Roumaine – The Unsung Voices of Romanian Women”)

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Gabriel Badea-Paun awarded the prize “Le Second Empire-Fondation Napoléon”

December 11th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Books, Diary, Diaspora, International Media, PEOPLE

Monsieur Gabriel Badea-Paun awarded the prize “Le Second Empire-Fondation Napoléon” for his monograph:

“Le style Second Empire : Architecture, décors et art de vivre”

Monsieur Gabriel Badea-Paun had received from Her Imperial Highness the Princess Napoleon the medal “Le Second Empire-Fondation Napoléon”. The ceremony had taken place on 7th December 2010 in Paris at the Palais de la Légion d’Honneur in the presence of the Chancellor and Army General Jean-Louis Georgelin.
Born in Sinaia in 1973 Gabriel Badea-Păun has an MA in History and a doctorate in History of Art (Sorbonne, 2005) . He is a Knight of the Cultural Merit (Romania 2009) and in 2010 he received the “King Michael Medal for Loyalty”.

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Great Romanians: Dimitrie STIUBEI (1901-1986)

December 10th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Art Exhibitions, Diaspora, PEOPLE

An ex naval officer Stiubei spent almost his entire life at sea. He did not become a painter by chance neither was he self-taught. He studied painting first from his mentor Jean Steriadi (1880-1986) and then as a student of the Munich Academy of Painting under Ernst Liebermann (1869-1960) and Peter Trumm (1888-1966).

Peter Trumm described him as follows:
… blessed with an extraordinary talent with essence of painting, vivid intelligence, a true feeling of essence of painting, and went beyond expectation through his military education. He developed his artistic capacity in an amazing manner in a very short time. The sum total of his paintings without any doubt is very strong, especially in portrait and painting of the sea.

Dimitrie Stiubei exhibited extensively in Paris, Athens, Geneva, Basel, Lugano and New York. He also exhibited at the Royal Society of Marine Artists in London.
The artist was honoured with the French Légion d’honneur and in the seventies he was decorated with the Vermeille medal from the Society of Arts, Sciences and Letters.

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