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March 26th, 2016 · Comments Off on ETERNAL REST IN BUCHAREST (PART 4 OF 6) · Books, Genealogy, Genealogy, History, PEOPLE, Short Stories & Cameos

Mr Professor Sir, you are English, aren’t you? But you are also a little bit Romanian!
– No, I am British – I am not English, because I was not born in England and I am naturalised British. What’s all about?
That baffled Vlad, like most Continentals could not make the difference between English and British, so I enquired:
– But why are you asking this all of a sudden?
– Because, Mr Professor Sir, you are also a little Romanian and you criticise too much all these things, the potholes in the road and everything.
Now I got the gist: I offended Vlad’s national pride and he was going to teach me a lesson: he was going to give me a fright by the way of retribution.

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March 26th, 2016 · Comments Off on ETERNAL REST IN BUCHAREST (PART SIX OF SIX) · Diary, Genealogy, Genealogy, History, PEOPLE, quotations

– There was this stranger, who joined us during the service, attracted by Angelica’s surname: she thought that it was the same family as that of “Prince Lambrino” and assumed that you, as chief mourner, you were the Prince himself! So I reassured her that you were, indeed, the real thing!
– God forbid! Perish the thought!
For a split second I believed that Aunt Angelica’s funeral turned into a scene from Eugene Ionesco’s Theatre of the Absurd, one that my Aunt, as a blue stocking, will have enjoyed.
– Farewell Angelica and God bless you!

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Cameo: Queen Anne de Romania, Princess of Denmark and of Bourbon-Parme

November 7th, 2013 · Comments Off on Cameo: Queen Anne de Romania, Princess of Denmark and of Bourbon-Parme · Diaspora, Genealogy, Genealogy, PEOPLE

King Mihai de Romania and Anne Princess of Denmark and of Bourbon-Parme[/caption] Anne de Bourbon-Parme, Queen of Romania, is a descendant of Jeremy Movila, Voyevode of Moldavia, via Maria Leczynska Queen of Louis XV of France and through their descendants to the Bourbon-Parme branch of the French and Danish Royal Families.
Prince Ieremia Movila was a great patron of the arts and founder of the painted monasteries of Bucovina. During his reign the Principality of Moldavia experienced a Rennaissance of its decorative arts, especially the post-Byzantine religious embroideries.
Pornind pe linie directa ascendenta a familiei de Bourbon-Parma, deci pe linie barbateasca, ajungem la Ferdinand I de Bourbon, Duce de Parma (1751-1802) nepotul Lui Filip V regele Spaniei si Duce de Anjou (1683, Versailles – 1746 Madrid).
Acest Ferdinand I Infante de Spania (1751-1802), care preceda cu sase generatii pe Ana de Bourbon-Parma a noastra [sper si a domniei tale] era casatorit cu printesa Louise Elisabeth de France (1727-1759), fiica lui Ludovic al XV regele Frantei si a sotiei lui Maria Leczynska, (1703-1768) regina Frantei, care, la randul ei, era fiica lui Stanislas Lesczynski regele Poloniei si Duce de Lorena (1677-1766).

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