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Dictionary of Romanian Quotations: Letter “K”

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 Dictionary of Romanian Quotations: Letter “K”


Alice Keppel

Alice Keppel


  Keppel, Mrs.

“To these gatherings (n.t. Mrs. Keppel’s parties during WWII at the London Ritz), Princess Callimachi brought that element of the Orient Express which Violet Trefusis missed so much.”

(Philippe Jullian and John Philips,

“Violet Trefusis Life and Letters”, pp. 106)


Nichifor Crainic

Nichifor Crainic


“Have Mercy, o God, on our King,

Lend your ear and hear

The prayer of our whole Land…

Give Him many days,

Anoint His brow with Thy Grace,

Have Mercy, o God, on our King!”

(Nichifor Crainic, (1889-1972). Poet)


Constantin Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi

  Kosmutzà, Corneliu on Brâncusi:

“The work (Prometheus) was done in clay, whilst Brâncusi was telling various (folk) tales, when not playing flutes of his own manufacture or the guitar. He would be highly amused when I would take an Indian song to be a Romanian lament song.… the Atelier in Montparnasse where the artist was working was damp and spartan at the limit o bare necessity. Brâncusi’s lived between mounds of clay covered in damp cloth and of rafters needed for his sculpture.”



  Kosmutzà, Otilia (Mrs. György Bölöni) seen by Gilberte Brassai:

“I enjoy spending time with the Bölönis. Mrs.. Bölöni (Ady used to call her Itoka and the name has stuck *) is short rotund and talkative in a woman-like way. She is sometimes highfalutin and effusive and sometimes she curses vehemently. But she knows a lot about Anatole France, whose secretary she used to be and also about Ady. It is just now that I heard that Ady once wanted to jump off the Eiffel Tower”.

*) (a.n. ‘Ady’ is the Hungarian poet Ady Endre (1877-1919), whose castle in Transylvania was bought by Octavian Goga, (q.v. Veturia Goga);

(Gilberte Brassaï, op.cit. 70)

Kossuth Lajos (1802-1894)

Kossuth Lajos

  Kosuth Lajos (Hungarian 1848 Revolutionary):

“He seemed to be not only a well informed and distinguished man, but also ‘un homme de bien’.”




Queen Elizabeth of Romania, Pss. of Wied

Elizabeth of Romania, Pss. of Wied  Kremnitz, Mitte on Romanian folk grreting Queen Elizabeth of Romania:

“The people who came to greet her (Queen Elisabeta of Wied, t.n.) did not look like the conventional folk of Northern European capitals. They looked so beautiful in their multi-coloured and original costumes, so full of dignity and grace, that it almost looked as if it was set on artistic criteria by some theatre stage director in order to play the scene of a princely cortège.”

(Mite Kremnitz on the reception reception given in 1869  by the inhabitants of Bucharest to their Queen – Elizabeth of Wied on her entry in the city.

(Quoted by Vasile Avram in: ‘Cetatea Literarà’, 2002)

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