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Entries from August 24th, 2005

Letter to Sanda STOLOJAN – A Funeral Oration by Manuel de Diéguez

August 24th, 2005 · Comments Off on Letter to Sanda STOLOJAN – A Funeral Oration by Manuel de Diéguez · Diaspora, PEOPLE, Poetry

Draga Sanda, Nu visam sa iti scriu in rai. Tu ai intrat acolo fara zgomot. In noaptea desmierdata, poetii confera mortii vocea melancoliei lor. Versurile tale s-au aprins sub cenuse: acum scanteiaza in amintirea noastra. Toate grozaviile pamantului nu vor stinge facliile pe care le-ai aprins. Mormantul tau canta maretia gandirii tale, cutezanta sfidarii, cu […]

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Poetry in Translation (XXII): Sanda STOLOJAN (1919-2005) – “Three Trees”

August 22nd, 2005 · Comments Off on Poetry in Translation (XXII): Sanda STOLOJAN (1919-2005) – “Three Trees” · Diaspora, PEOPLE, Poetry, Translations

“The forest tree
Shakes its harvest
Silently in itself
Then into the outer world.

You too
Welcome winter
and you shall find under the deep snow
The path
the shroud
forever green.

The lonely tree
awaits the moment
which comes
and goes
Up there in the mist
Just a single apple
A possible sun.

to the highest
the coldest top
the tree which is thought
seeking for the word

(From the collection of poems entitled:
Sur les abîmes verts,
translated into English, from the original French
by Sanda Stolojan, 12 May 2003)

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Sanda Stolojan (1919-2005) – In Memoriam

August 20th, 2005 · Comments Off on Sanda Stolojan (1919-2005) – In Memoriam · Uncategorized

Sanda Stolojan, essayst, poet, memorialist, journalist, Interpreter to all French Presidents since de Gaulle and political activist for democracy and human rights in Romania, has died in Paris, at the age of 86. ———————————————————————————– Extract from the forthcoming Anthology of Romanian Women entitled “Blouse Roumaine” http://www.blouseroumaine.com/freeexcerpt_p23.html ——————————————————————————- Sanda Stolojan belongs to a family of Romanian […]

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Poetry in Translation (XXIII): Doris RUNEY (USA) – “Visul” (“The Dream”)

August 10th, 2005 · Comments Off on Poetry in Translation (XXIII): Doris RUNEY (USA) – “Visul” (“The Dream”) · PEOPLE, Poetry, Translations

My father was born in Bucovina—Stanesti de Jos, and my mother is first generation American-Romanian, from Banat. Consequently I was raised with two languages, two cultures. I spoke Romanian before learning English in school.
I am the founder and artistic director of Tarancuta, a semi-professional Romanian folk dance and music ensemble. I am a published translator (Zalmoxis, 2000) and bilingual writer (“Zalmoxis’s Fireflies”, “The Mulberry Tree”), and currently visiting assistant professor of English at Oakland University. I live with my two sons in Troy, Michigan.

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