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Poetry in Translation, (CCXCIX), Elizabeth Barrett BROWNING, (1806 – 1861), ENGLAND: “The Soul’s Expression”, “Glasul sufletului”

September 14th, 2014 · Comments Off on Poetry in Translation, (CCXCIX), Elizabeth Barrett BROWNING, (1806 – 1861), ENGLAND: “The Soul’s Expression”, “Glasul sufletului” · PEOPLE, Poetry, quotations, Translations

With stammering lips and insufficient sound
I strive and struggle to deliver right
That music of my nature, day and night
With dream and thought and feeling interwound

Cu buze trenurând şi fără glas
Încerc cu greu ca să înalţ, la cer,
Corala mea din sufletu-mi stingher
Fiind năpădit de gânduri de pripas.

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Romanian Dictionary of Quotations, Selected & Translated by Constantin ROMAN: Letter ‘B’

July 18th, 2013 · No Comments · Books, Diaspora, International Media, PEOPLE, quotations, Translations

“A book is a delayed suicide.”
Emil CIORAN, (1911-1995), philosopher, writer

“I still have the Babel of this fabulous land in my ears: Romanian, Ukrainian, German, Yidish, Polish, Magyar, Armenian…”
Gregor von REZZORI, (1914-1998), Writer

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Poetry in Translation (LXXXVII): U2 – “Peace on Earth”

August 31st, 2011 · Comments Off on Poetry in Translation (LXXXVII): U2 – “Peace on Earth” · International Media, Poetry, quotations, Translations

Heaven on Earth
we need it now
I’m sick of all of this
hanging around
Sick of sorrow
I’m sick of the pain
I’m sick of hearing
again and again
that there’s gonna be
peace on Earth



Tu, rai lumesc,
Te vreau acum
Sunt ostenit
S-astept in veci.
Etern ecou
Si-adanc suspin
Mereu s-aud
Un lung refren
De Rai lumesc
Pe-acest Pamant..

(Romanian version by Constantin ROMAN)
31 August 2011

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Poetry in Translation (LXXIV): Marin Sorescu (b. 1950) – “Exile”

March 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment · PEOPLE, Poetry, Translations

EXIL (Marin Sorescu)
Au inflorit cartofii in Marmatia / si voi tocmai acum plecati spre sud /cand ceru-i aiurit si descusut / cand se confunda bocetul cu natia ? /


As the potato flowers are in bloom
You take the road which ever us do part?
Now that the sky is gray and overcast
And tears confound the country and the doom?

The grief will be for you the new abode
Perhaps a warmer grave and newer ethos
We shall unearth those emerald potatoes
Those precious stones dug out from where we hoed.

What kind of God preserved in secret heavens
May still be glad to gather our bones
With you, with us we cry on our tombs
With you with us a story ends in ruins.
(Translated from Romanian by Constantin ROMAN)

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