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Romanian Destinies in The Times of London Obituary: Monica Lovinescu

April 27th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Books, Diaspora, Famous People, History, International Media, OPINION, PEOPLE, POLITICAL DETENTION / DISSENT, quotations

Romanian dissident whose broadcasts from exile in Paris enraged the communist authorities
Monica Lovinescu
Asked in April 2002 about her opinion on the desirability of a Nuremberg-style trial of communism, Lovinescu answered:

The trial of communism might have offered Romanian mentality a real chance for change. The handful of initiatives taken so far are built entirely on moving sands. We cannot consider a Nuremberg-style trial simply because that involves winners and losers. Or, in this particular instance, communism lost its own war: it simply imploded, not exploded. But one should consider at least a moral prosecution. It is impossible to contemplate the fact that torturers in Romania have not been yet morally indicted.

Monica Lovinescu, M.Litt., Grand Officer, Order of the Star of Romania, was married to fellow journalist, literary critic and political analyst Virgil Ierunca (1920-2006). They leave no children and their estate has been bequeathed to a Romanian government foundation.

Monica Lovinescu
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The voice of the journalist and human rights activist Monica Lovinescu in her regular Paris broadcasts to the people of Romania during the postwar decades became synonymous with freedom and was a lifeline for those listeners behind the Iron Curtain.

As a result she was severely beaten up on the orders of the communist authorities in Bucharest, and, in a vengeful act, her elderly mother was sent to prison, where she died.

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Letter to Sanda STOLOJAN – A Funeral Oration by Manuel de Diéguez

August 24th, 2005 · Comments Off on Letter to Sanda STOLOJAN – A Funeral Oration by Manuel de Diéguez · Diaspora, PEOPLE, Poetry

Draga Sanda, Nu visam sa iti scriu in rai. Tu ai intrat acolo fara zgomot. In noaptea desmierdata, poetii confera mortii vocea melancoliei lor. Versurile tale s-au aprins sub cenuse: acum scanteiaza in amintirea noastra. Toate grozaviile pamantului nu vor stinge facliile pe care le-ai aprins. Mormantul tau canta maretia gandirii tale, cutezanta sfidarii, cu […]

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