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Love at the time of Swine Flu

June 21st, 2013 · No Comments · Books, Diaspora, PEOPLE, Reviews, Uncategorized

Hysteria has gripped the city: I wonder what might have been like living in London, centuries ago, at the time of the Black Death?
As always, the blame was left on the doorstep of hapless immigrants, foreign sailors, or refugees fleeing the horrors of repression on the Continent: Flemish Huguenots, Jewish Estonians coming from Russia, Spaniards who brought the decease with them, decimating good Christians, like us, living in fear of God… Yes the ‘Spanish Flu’ most certainly came from the Peninsula. What the Spaniards of Armada memory did not succeed, they certainly managed rather well with this pandemic. We were very lucky indeed to avoid it during the Peninsular War, but what, with the rock of Gibraltar still being British, the border acted more like a sieve than a proper filter. We may have won the battle but surely not the ongoing war: in 1918 one million of our people died of Spanish flu, caused by this mysterious virus called H1N1. After such massive population cull, do you think, Britain might have become a better place? I doubt it: the flu unleashed the beginning of the end, the very decline of our great British Empire, as both WWI and the Spanish flu had a propensity of killing sturdy young men. It caused our genetic pool to be frustrated of the best input: look at the result of these insipid pen pushers in our Civil Service not to mention greedy MPs, or incompetent financiers!

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