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Poetry in Translation (LVIII-LXII): Horia STAMATU – Five Translated Poems

June 14th, 2009 · Comments Off on Poetry in Translation (LVIII-LXII): Horia STAMATU – Five Translated Poems · Poetry, Translations

In the company of Horia Stamatu, a poet and a pessimist like all Romanians, we were asking ourselves: is there any more to extract from the Romanian culture? Ionesco has said the essential, introducing into his theatrical writing material extracted from his origins: a genius of the absurd, of the derisory and of derision. His super-Romanian genius allowed him this tour de force of managing to express himself in French. Cioran has imprinted a new tonality on the classic French style, a scepticism filtered through a West-European culture. Vintilà Horia has introduced a certain Romanian ‘wisdom’ into French….
(Sanda Stolojan, in: “Blouse Roumaine – the Unsung Voices of Romanian Women”)

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