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Retrospectiva Mario RICCI (Italy) Retrospective

February 17th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Art Exhibitions, Diaspora, OPINION, PEOPLE, Reviews

Retrospectiva de peisajii – Mario Ricci, Italy Retrospective of Lazio Landscapes.
Romanian-born Mario Ricci comes from a dprominent family of architects, painters and leaders of the intellectual and cultural set of the 20th century Romania.
He distinguished himself in his career as a Civil Engineer with outstanding projects in Germany and the Middle East. His works as an amateur painter is part of a family tradition which includes his late paternal aunt, Zoe Ricci and step grandfather Dimitrie STIUBEI (1901-1986), both of whom died in exile.
Early in his artistic career Mario Ricci worked in the atelier of his grandfather on large official commissions in Tulcea and elsewhere, After his move to Germany Ricci had made made many copies after great masters as a means of acquiring different artistic skills (see his copies after Monet and van Gogh, above.

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Great Romanians: Dimitrie STIUBEI (1901-1986)

December 10th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Art Exhibitions, Diaspora, PEOPLE

An ex naval officer Stiubei spent almost his entire life at sea. He did not become a painter by chance neither was he self-taught. He studied painting first from his mentor Jean Steriadi (1880-1986) and then as a student of the Munich Academy of Painting under Ernst Liebermann (1869-1960) and Peter Trumm (1888-1966).

Peter Trumm described him as follows:
… blessed with an extraordinary talent with essence of painting, vivid intelligence, a true feeling of essence of painting, and went beyond expectation through his military education. He developed his artistic capacity in an amazing manner in a very short time. The sum total of his paintings without any doubt is very strong, especially in portrait and painting of the sea.

Dimitrie Stiubei exhibited extensively in Paris, Athens, Geneva, Basel, Lugano and New York. He also exhibited at the Royal Society of Marine Artists in London.
The artist was honoured with the French Légion d’honneur and in the seventies he was decorated with the Vermeille medal from the Society of Arts, Sciences and Letters.

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