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Lionel ROUX: “Odyssée pastorale” – Extrait “Chez les bergers des Carpates Roumaines”

March 2nd, 2011 · Comments Off on Lionel ROUX: “Odyssée pastorale” – Extrait “Chez les bergers des Carpates Roumaines” · Books, Diary, International Media, PEOPLE, Reviews

Son and grandson of moving shepherds…

in a biographical and reflexive quest, I was taken to look into a task that was the one of my father’s and my grandfather’s but will never be mine. My photographic quest draws its sources from a history of lines, of features, limits, traces, that constitute and mark a territory. It also finds roots in the ancient culture but in a very fragile way of the pastoral civilization.
In the beginning, there is the course where the line of the family roots stretches out between the alpine province and the Piémont mountains. The path (or rather paths) of the migratory shepherd, the trip that for centuries was brought twice a year by men and herds over the lands.
Shifts of altitude by the ones and shifts of attitude by my shepherd father to draw a line on this nomad life.
My artistic path, my photographer’s itinerary has been continually questionning the pastoral culture of the migration around the mediterranean area and even farther, ever since I was conscious of the fracture by my rejected inheritance.
It is not a simple quest for roots ( of which nomads don’t feel concerned ) but a semi-etnographic exploration of the mentioned event vanishing little by little : The trace of the pastoral routes, the mediterranean and african shepherd’s world.

Mon cheminement artistique mon itinérance de photographe n’a pas eu de cesse, dès lors que j’ai pris conscience de cette cassure (de cet héritage refusé) d’interroger l’épaisseur de cette culture pastorale de la transhumance, que ce soit en Europe ou en Afrique. Il ne s’agit pas d’une banale quête de racines (dont les nomades ne s’embarrassent pas), mais plutôt d’une exploration de ce qui se transforme peu à peu : la trace des trajets pastoraux, le monde des bergers.

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Romanian Science (I) – Romania’s First-ever Plate Tectonics Model born in Cambridge

July 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Books, Diaspora, International Media, PEOPLE, Reviews


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Vera ATKINS – a Romanian MATA HARI in the services of the SOE

February 16th, 2010 · 15 Comments · Books, Diaspora, PEOPLE, quotations, Reviews

Before the occupation of France Vera enrolled as a student in modern languages at the Sorbonne, followed by one year course at a finishing school in Lausanne, a privileged education in an incubator reserved for the young ladies of upper class families. This background was going to keep her in good stead as an intelligence operative during WWII, a role defined by Ian Fleming in his classic retort:

“In the world of spies, Vera Atkins was the boss.”
In 1940 Vera returned to England, where her career as an SOE operative took off under Maurice Buckmaster (1902-1992). During her career as an SOE officer the indomitable Atkins sent 470 agents including 39 women behind enemy lines into German-occupied French territory. Her spying persona inspired film makers as she became Miss Moneypenny in a James Bond movie and also the main character in Genevieve Simms movie Into the Dark.

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40th BERLIN Film Festival (Feb. 2010):

February 5th, 2010 · Comments Off on 40th BERLIN Film Festival (Feb. 2010): · International Media, Reviews

Povestea Grupului Gavrilă primul film al trilogiei „Apoape linişte“ despre Rezistenţa Anticomunistă „Portretul luptătorului la tinereţe“ a fost selectat şi va fi prezentat la Festivalul Filmului de la Berlin

When the Soviet Army marched into Romania in 1944, a part of the Romanian population went “into the mountains”. Over a thousand armed resistance groups took refuge in the inaccessible forests of the Carpathian Mountains where they waited in vain for the support of the Western Allies. Thirty of them held their ground well into the 1950s. One was led by Ion Gavrilă-Ogoranu, who managed to remain undetected until 1976 when he was arrested.

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