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Poetry in Translation (CII): Corneliu Vadim TUDOR (b. 1949) Season’s Greetings (“Urare de iarna”, “Saptamina”, 6 ianuarie 1984)

February 22nd, 2012 · No Comments · OPINION, PEOPLE, quotations, Translations

Ceausescu's Cult of Personality

The “Genius of the Carpathians” and his wannaby scientist wife – the couple which indulged in the most acerbate cultural terrorism in Europe and perhaps in the rest of the world. Their censorship was ruthless and the secret police made sure that the jails were full to the brim with political dissidents, whilst those who escaped their net to seek refuge in the West were pursued relentlessly with smear campaigns, letter bombs, assassination plots, intimidation and the whole gamut of torture and terror which would put Stalin and sundry ruthless dictators to shame for lack of imagination.

The only poets who carried favour were those who sang songs of praise like the ditty below dedicated to Elena Ceausescu:

“To the first woman of the country, the homage of the entire country,
As star stands beside star in the eternal arch of heaven,
Beside the Great Man she watches over
Romania’s path to glory.”

or, even a better one:

“Femeie creatoare – Slavà Tie’ (Hail, Woman Creator)

“Creative woman, bless you!
The nation’s love envelops you,
Scholar and political personage, and mother at the same time.
You, strong role model, of charm and wisdom
Will be always felt and followed
Be forever happy, you, eternal symbol
Of Romanian heroines which you have become
Forge onward at the side of the country’s Hero
Through the great epic of the Romanian people!”

Those writers who could not debase themselves to that extent had their works censored and had to starve or “write for the drawer”.

Now what is extraordinary is the fact that such poets who have heaped praise on the dictator and his wife, are now in the European Parliament, in Romania.s Senate, are heads of “democratic” political parties and control the Romanian media (TV channels, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses) not mentioning the economy, reined in, through (illicitly) accumulated wealth.
“Este fiica prea iubita/ A acestui brav popor/ De luceferi strajuita/ Si de steagul Tricolor/ E Elena Ceausescu/ Suflet nobil si vibrant/ Mama buna, om politic/ Si prestigios savant/ Inteleapta-i este fapta/ Nazuind spre viitor/ Tot cu cinste sta in dreapta/ Marelui conducator.”

Season’s Greetings
By Corneliu Vadim TUDOR
(“Urare de iarna”, “Saptamina”, 6 ianuarie 1984)

Greatest woman seen so far
Of the whole of our nation
She’s the heavens brightest star
Clad in the Romanian fashion.

It’s Elena Ceausescu
Purest is her vibrant aim
The best mum to our rescue
Coming with a science brain.

Her accomplishments are greater
Aiming high as our guide
In supporting our Leader
Standing proudly by his side.

English version by Constantin ROMAN,

© copyright Constantin ROMAN, London 2012

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