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Poetry in Translation, (CCLXXX) – ROMANIA, Radu GYR (1905-1975): “We say no more”, “Tãcem din gurã “

April 1st, 2014 · 2 Comments · History, International Media, PEOPLE, Poetry, POLITICAL DETENTION / DISSENT, quotations, Translations

“We say no more”,
by Radu GYR
(poem from the Communist prisons – fragment)
The frost had found its deepest home,
like hunger biting to the bone,
as night and day the wound is sore,
we clench the teeth to say no more.
I’m silent like the doorway lock
And like the inmates in the dock.
At night, in all the prison cells,
I hear the friends’ tormented wails.
But from afar I hear a thunder
as if the walls do fall asunder
and heavy chains break on the floor…
we clench the teeth and say no more.
(Aiud political prison)
Rendered in Romanian by Constantin ROMAN
© 2014 Copyright Constantin ROMAN, London

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Anton Golopentia (1909-1951) Sociologist, Philosopher, Martyr of the Communist Prisons

August 14th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Diaspora, PEOPLE

Between 1941 and 1944 Anton Golopentia carries out an ethnographic research on the scattered Romanian villages of the Ukrainian steppes between the Dniestre and the Bug rivers as part of the programme IREB (Identificarea Românilor de la Est de Bug).

On 16 January 1950 Anton Golopentia is arrested and following a sham trial typical of the worst excesses of witch-hunt ever known under the dictatorship: he expiates under appalling conditions of torture and neglect, 18 months after his arrest in the Vacaresti political prison.

For over forty years of Communist censorship and a further decade of pre-programmed amnesia in post-Communism, the works of Anton Golopentia could not come to print. However the results of his investigations could only be published under the care of his daughter Sanda Golopentia, Professor at Brown University in the United States. under the title „Românii de la Est de Bug” (Romanian Settlements East of River Bug).

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Lucia Hossu-Longin

February 22nd, 2003 · Comments Off on Lucia Hossu-Longin · Uncategorized

“Memorialul Durerii”, a political TV Documentary series had been researched and produced for the Romanian TV by Lucia Hossu-Loghin. This is an epic story of Romania’s most notorious political prisons under Communism. Miss Hossu-Loghin had interviewed the survivors, or the families of those jailed, visited the sites where the crimes were perpetrated and even interviewed […]

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