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POETRY IN TRANSLATION (CCCLXXXIX), Nichita STĂNESCU (1933-1983), ROMANIA: “Vitraliu”, “Stained Glass”

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POETRY IN TRANSLATION (CCCLXXXIX), Nichita STĂNESCU (1933-1983), ROMANIA: “Vitraliu”, “Stained Glass”




Umbra ta, lovindu-se de ziduri,
iar se sparge-n cioburi colorate.
Oh, de-aceea m-ai zărit în stradă
adunând pierdutele-i pătrate.

Şi s-o fac la loc, în ceasul nopţii,
peste geamuri ţi le-aşez cu grijă,
verzi, albastre, galbene şi roşii,
încoifate-n creştet cu o sprijă.

Când te vei trezi, lipiţi de geamuri,
arlechini din sticle colorate
vor lăsa prin ei să-ţi cadă-n braţe
soarele, mereu la jumătate.

• • • • • • •

Stained Glass

Your silhouette, projected on the pavement
will break in myriads of coloured pieces…
that’s why you found me, in the street, collecting
these shattered splinters with their shining faces.

Tonight, for sure, I will be reassembling
all that I got for you, beyond compare:
your stained glass made of these effulgent pieces,
selected with my love and greatest care …

As you will find it, early in the morning,
the arlequin will start his joyful dancing:
whilst all resplendent sun rays will be donning
the immortality in which you will be basking.

Rendered in English by Constantin ROMAN, London,
© 2016 Copyright Constantin ROMAN

* * * * * * *

Nichita Stanescu

Nichita Stanescu

SHORT BIO NOTE: Born in 1933 Nichita Stănescu finished high school in Ploieşti and went on to study Romanian Language and Literature at the University of Bucharest. Stănescu was a contributor to and editor of the Gazeta Literară, România Literară and Luceafărul.
A prolific poet, Stănescu was the recipient of numerous literary awards including the Herder Prize (1975) and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1980.
Nichita Stănescu is considered one of the greats of 20th century Romanian Poetry and was translated and published in several languages.

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