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Poetry in Translation (CCCXLVII), William Butler YEATS (1865-1939) IRELAND: “Down By the Salley Gardens”, “Râul cu salcâmi”

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Poetry in Translation (CCCXLVII), William Butler YEATS (1865-1939) IRELAND: “Down By the Salley Gardens”, “Râul cu salcâmi”

William Butler Yeats (by John Singer Sargent)

William Butler Yeats (by John Singer Sargent)

Down By the Salley Gardens
William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet;
She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet.
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree;
But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree.

In a field by the river my love and I did stand,
And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand.
She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs;
But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears.

* * * * * *

Râul cu salcâmi
William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

La râul cu salcâmi, mi-am întâlnit iubita;
Fiind trasă prin inel, mi-am încercat ispita.
Mi-a spus s-o iau uşor, ca florile de nea,
Dar, tânăr fiind, am vrut norocul a-ncerca.

La râul din câmpie, m-a dus iubita mea,
Strângându-mă de umăr, cu braţul ei de nea.
Mi-a spus s-o iau cu-ncetul, aşa cum iarba creşte,
Dar tânăr fiind, degeaba, acuma plâng, fireşte.

Versiune în limba Română de Constantin ROMAN, Londra
© 2015 Copyright Constantin ROMAN, London

Constantin ROMAN

Constantin ROMAN

* BORN in Romania where he was trained as a Scientist and Linguist.

EDUCATION Universities of Bucharest, Newcastle & Cambridge (Scholar of Peterhouse).
RESIDENT: France, Norway, Holland and Indonesia
TRAVELS extensively, as GUEST SPEAKER to Academia & Industry.

Scientific journals (Nature, New Scientist, etc.),
Newspapers and magazines (The Times, Cambridge Review, Encounter, Revista Monumentelor Istorice, Manuscriptum, etc.) relating to:
* History of Art, * Architecture, * Conservation, * Poetry, * Linguistics & Earth Sciences (Seismology and Petroleum Geology).
On the latter subject he successfully published limited editions of studies which were sold to clients world-wide.
* HOME – London, where he contrives to indulge (albeit with limited success) in Serendipity and Esoterism.

SCHOLAR and last research Student of Sir Edward Bullard, FRS, in the Dept of Geodesy and Geophysics,Cambridge.

1. The definition of the geometry of the sinking lithosphere under the Carpathian arc of Romania (Nature 1970)
2. The first plate Tectonic Model of the Carpathian arc (Luxemburg 1970)
3. The definition of the Black Sea Plate (Luxemburg 1970)
4. The definition of non-rigid lithospheric plates or “Buffer Plates” (Geophysical Journal of the Royal astronomical
Society, London)
5. The definition of the first focal mechanisms of large earthquakes behind the Himalayas (New Scientist 1972)
6. The study of seimotectonics of Central Asia and the definition of the Tibetan and Sinkiang Buffer plates. (New Scientist, and Geophys. J. roy. astr. Soc.)
7. The definition of the Persian and Anatolian Buffer Plate (Geophys. J. roy. astr. Soc.)
8. The geodynamic model of the Black Sea plate (Romanian Academy, Geological Society of London, Geological Society of Dallas)
9. The Geodynamic reconstruction of the Moray Firth Basin (in-house proprietary study, Amoco, 1976)
10. Scholar of Peterhouse, Cambrige (1969-1973), PhD Cambridge 1973
11. Personal Adviser (Energy) to the Presidemt of Romania (1996 – 2000)
12. Professor Honoris Causa, U. of Bucharest (1997)
13. Commander of the Order of Merit (Romania, 2000)
14. Member of the Society of Authors (London)
15. URLs:


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