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Comrade Jonathan Swift’s “subversive” Gulliver and the “Genius of the Carpathians”

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Gulliver Travels, censored by Ceausescu in 1985


Seditious Reverend Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) censored by Ceausescu in the 1980s

Little that the old Irish Reverend Swift expected, EVER, to fall foul of Romanian communist dictator Nicolae ceausescu: not that Ceausescu ever read Swift, not even ANY books at all – he was famous for being semi-literate and to speak a very poor Romanian…
Yet would you believe it or not Jonathan Swift fell foul of the Communist censorship… read on the problems encountered by an editor in Bucharest in the 1980’s who tried to publish Swift”s Satyres:

“Publishing Swift’s satires in 1985, I myself fought a lot with the censor in order to include “A Modest proposal” concerning eating Irish children, which had become subversive here on account of meat shortage in Romania. Faced with the alternative of not publishing the book at all, or doing it without the famous text, I gave it up. The supreme level of censorship was a department of the (Communist) Party Central Committee.”

Propaganda Poster of the People's Genius and his Scientist Spouse greeted by Happy Children

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